Fishtales Platters

Something different for your next function or event that your guests won’t forget!  All platters available in different sizes to meet your needs.


Speak to us for customized platters.

Platter 1  (for around 15 crew members)


60 x Fish bites (15g of fish)
7 x Calamari (portions)
200gr of Garlic Mushrooms
Garnish & 150ml of Tartare Sauce



R 385.00

Platter 2  (for around 15 crew members)


60 x Fish bites (15g of fish)
7 x Calamari (portions)
200gr of Garlic Mushrooms
15 X Grilled Prawns
Garnish & 150ml of Tartare Sauce



R 699.00

Platter 3 (for around 15 crew members)


40 x Fish bites (15g of fish)
10 x Small Fishcakes
5 x Calamari (portions)
10.5 x Shell Mussel
10.5 x Crab Sticks
200gr of Garlic Mushrooms
500g Grilled Prawn Meat
Garnish & 120ml of Tartare Sauce



R 585.00

Platter 4 (for around 10 crew members)


20 x Grilled Prawns
300gr of Garlic Mushrooms
20 x Shell Mussels (Half shelled)
10 x Small Fishcakes
20 X Crab Sticks
50 x Fish bites (15g of fish)
8 x Calamari (portions)
Garnish & 150ml of Tartare Sauce



R 900.00

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